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Vids done at Greenway Driving Range, Pattaya, Thailand. I am using a mat because the grass sadly is not very good.
With what I do you will notice that I keep the club face "shut" (such a dumb description), i.e. the club face stays "square" or at right angles to the swing path. My hands do not rotate open, this keeps it nice and simple.
In the vids I am using a Ram Tom Watson 60* SW I found at a second-hand shop. Old style club from the '80's I guess.

Be wary of modern wedges with too much rounding of the leading edge, makes it harder to get the leading edge into that tiny little gap between the ball and the grass.

If you play on a course with tight lies, short grass or hardpan you will struggle with a lot of modern wedges, you can't get them in the gap between ball and ground
I suggest to anyone to buy an old style wedge for practice, say a Golden Ram Sand Wedge or Mizuno Pro from the 1980's, with a sharp leading edge and a flat sole.
Ram Tom Watson 60* wedge
1. Basic Vanilla Chipping:
There are many many ways to chip. Golfer should have 3 or so methods he knows to produce different results, for high, for low and for a medium average go-to chip.
A. Setup. Open stance with your feet and hips, so you can feel that you can just throw your right arm under and out to the target.
B. Maintain wrist angle (i.e. angle between arms and shaft, see line in the pic.) throughout the swing motion.
This keeps the club head outside your hands and encourages a slight slicing motion.
C. Keep wrists pretty firm throughout. Don't release your wrists at impact, keep right hand underneath all the way through.
D. Hands and shoulders move in unison, the shoulders must keep moving through, the shoulder motion is really the primary engine.
C. Have a very strong visualization of the club face and where it is, especially at impact and feel your right hand palm IS the clubface.(RH golfer)
E. Long and slow is good. Same swing length back and through.
E. Take the club head away long and low to the ground. Only lift it quickly if you want a very high shot, (see the Sine Wave Rule).
G. I recommend an even stance with weight equal on feet or favouring the right side somewhat.
And hands positioned over the ball in the centre of your stance.
(This is a radical departure from the normal instruction).
NOTE: This method also works well in bunkers.

Common Errors:
A. Normal instruction to put weight on left side (RH golfer) and hands in front of club head usually causes an average golfer to take the club head away inside behind their body.
This is the one main reason golfers fail at chipping. An inside path like that causes the club face to be shut or makes you have to open the face by using your hands, getting the club head back to the ball properly is difficult because you just don't have enough time in a short chipping swing.
Fat shots, thin shots, chunks and no direction control is the result.

A. Hold club in right hand only, set with open stance, weight almost completely on right foot (RH golfer), practice one-handed chips until you are really good at it.
You will have to swing long and slow. develop a very strong feel for your right hand palm and club face being the same thing
Develop a very strong feel for where the club face is facing at impact and making it continue out along your target line, so the face is staying square to the target line.
Its a soft gentle under-arm throwing motion just as you would throw a ball that was in your hand.

Common Fallacy:
You do not get more backspin by hitting down on the ball.
A low to the ground swing path actually gives you more backspin, believe it or not!

One handed chipping drill This teaches you that you MUST follow through
Basic Chipping Method
Open stance.
Shoulders slightly open.
Look under and out to your target.
Right arm/hand feels free to travel as in one handed drill.
The club path is a circle. Do not pick it up and stab down
Long and smooth with an even tempo back and through.
You have time to think about the club head during the down swing.
Once you have the basic mastered, you can experiment with the firmness off the back of your left hand, to hit lower hold firmer, to hit higher allow it to break upwards.

Basic Chipping - The Sine Wave Rule:
The Sine Wave Rule: If you keep everything even and stable through the swing motion what should happen is the forward path of the ball i.e. its loft, trajectory etc. should be the inverse of the club backswing path.
This means you can imagine the and create the forward trajectory of the ball by doing the inverse with your backswing
This can be very useful for longer bunker shots.
Basic Chipping - Weight and Direction:
This is true but noone talks about it in chipping.
Test it and prove it to yourself.
Address the ball for a chip. Do nothing except turn your shoulders back and through naturally.
Keep arms and hands dead and inactive, watch where the club head naturally goes.
With your weight on your left side (RH golfer) you will see the club head go to the left after the ball very quickly.
With your weight on your right side you will see the club head go straight out along your target line.
Which would you prefer when chipping??????
When your weight is on your left side the only way to correct the club head path through the ball is to "chicken wing" with your left arm as you go through the ball.
You do see a lot of pros do this, escpecially with bunker shots.
This action is like pulling your hands back and in towards your left shoulder immdiately after ball contact. It actually feels like you do it before you hit the ball.
Basic Chipping - The Chip and Run:
Back Foot Chip and Run - The lower shot
Ball so far back its behind your right foot (RH golfer).
Using an 8 iron here.
Advanced Chipping - The Slider:
The Slider
Incredibly open and no independant arms or hand action at all. I mean NONE! Firm arms and firm hands.
A pure shoulder motion that drags your arms/hands back through under the ball.

When you set up so open you have to get used to the idea that the ball will go where the club face is facing.
Do not try to steer the ball, keep the club head way back behind you and let it be pulled through by your shoulder motion.
Advanced Chipping - The Piston:
The Piston
Weird and wonderful. You won't find this taught anywhere else.
• Square setup with shoulders , feet can be open if you want.
• Weight even on both feet or favouring the right side.
• Just get aligned with the club face and do NOTHING EXCEPT use your right arm in a piston-like motion, pulling the right elbow straight back the pushing the right hand forward.
• A low to the ground swing path away from the ball is best.
• Ball position can be varied from centre to back for trajectory control.
• Even if your hands are back have a little cup in your left wrist, this prevents your left hand blocking the follow through.
• very radical!!